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March 11, 2018

Your Will Be Done

Your will be done on earth, O Lord. Your will be done on earth, O Lord.
Your will be done on earth, O Lord. Your will be done on earth, O Lord. Your will be done on earth, O Lord

Text: South African, based on The Lord’s Prayer

We are captivated by the ache our hearts feel each time an innocent life is taken…each time a child is sold…each time evil reminds us of the on-going battle. The blood, the shots fired, the explosives have all become white noise in the background of our daily lives. War still reins after more than a decade, as our troops continue to leave their families and give everything they have to keep the devil at bay.

There are moments during these unsettled times when I have become scared and frightened, when the pain around the world seems too much to bear. As a Christian, I find myself angry that I haven’t done more; I haven’t deployed more; I haven’t fought against terrorists more; I haven’t sacrificed more; I haven’t given enough of myself to those in need. The unsettling sharp pain of helplessness takes my breath away.

The devil has created a dark blanket full of thorns that attempt to pierce our spirit. Those thorns are visible in the hatred of extremist groups. They are hidden, but no less destructive, in our own actions when we are too busy to help others, when we perpetuate a grudge against a family member, when we fail to love our neighbors as ourselves. The devil uses these thorns to create disarray throughout the world. Each thorn is nourished by the judgments we make, the gossip we spread, and the fears we foster.

We must fight against this evil. We must be still amid the panic. We must silence the chatter of despair that fills our hearts. We cannot allow the devil to fool us into thinking that we are helpless or that we are lost. We are Christians, and we are never lost. We have the Good Shepherd who watches over us and tends to our weeping hearts. We have the promise of everlasting love and life. If we allow panic to overtake our spirit, we then give evil permission to win. Evil needs permission to win. Without our permission, evil will always be blinded by the light of God. We Christians must give everything we have to make sure the light is brighter than the darkness. We must pray that God’s will be done.

After a year filled with enough evil to make anyone go weak in the knees, we can find comfort in our gifts from God. God gave us the cross and the promise of salvation. We have been given the ultimate weapon to pierce the core of evil: Love. God gave us love so we would be able to see beauty in the sunrise and in the smile of a child. Love allows us to be light in the world.

God gave us knowledge of his will. When we truly understand this prayer, “your will be done,” we will no longer be paralyzed by helplessness. God is with us. God is guiding us, and we must allow God to do so.

The next time the world seems too much to endure, remember God’s light is in you. Let it shine, and let the world see God’s love. Remember the cross. May God’s will be done.

Michelle Horter

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