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Holy Saturday, April 19

Read Mark 5:39-49

The Bible narrative recounts many instances in which Jesus performed miracles, including miracles of life restored. Dead people were given new life. A young girl has died in this story. Everybody’s grieving loudly. Jesus says, in so many words, “Calm down and trust me. There is life after death.”

Why Do You Make A Commotion And Weep?

I was about eight when I attended my first funeral. I have no recall of the deceased, but his or her family had requested that the children’s choir sing at the funeral. It was common practice at that time and in that place for the Lutheran school children to sing at funerals. I had a sense of seriousness, but I didn’t have a sense of loss. I did not know the person who had died, and I don’t think I understood the concept of death.

When I was 16, during the summer between my junior and senior years in high school, my 3-week-old baby sister died in her sleep. They said it was SIDS. We were driven to her funeral in a hearse and sang “Children of the Heavenly Father” at the service. Everybody cried a lot, especially my mother.

The year after that, my grandmother died. She was my mother’s mother and very young to be dead. I think she was about 60 when she passed. Both of my parents also died young. My dad was 64 and my mother 69. My husband’s parents also died early. His mother died in her 30s of an aneurism and his dad in his 60s from heart disease.

I’m reminded of the movie where the little kid with big eyes whispers, “I see dead people.” I see dead people all the time. They are my family, the people I have loved so dearly. I miss them; I mourn their passing; I wish they were still here with me.

What can I do? In the face of death, I have a choice. I can weep and make a noisy commotion, or I can believe in the promises of the Gospel. Jesus said, “Do not fear, only believe.

On this Easter Eve, let us trust God and remember the promise that there is life after death.

A Hallelujah moment is right around the corner!

Dallas Cronk